environment of the cuyahoga river





The biotic part of the environment includes all the living things such as the fish, plants, and people.

The abiotic part includes all the things that are not living such as the soil, climate, and noise

The combined definition of an environment would include all of the physical, chemical, and biological conditions that act together on an organism or an ecological community and influence its growth and development.

In this section you will find out about many of the biotic elements of the environment. The fish, plants, invertebrates, and animals of the Cuyahoga River are examined and discussed. The food web is used to demonstrate why it is important to keep every part of the web healthy. We are all dependent on the environment working well.

The abiotic elements of the environment are what you can observe when you go to the site to do water monitoring. What kind of soil is at your site? Are there houses or businesses? As you look at these influences on the river remember that everything, biotic and abiotic, plays a role in the health of the Cuyahoga.







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