history of the cuyahoga river

Where does the river start? ----How long has it been here? ----How did it begin?
This river has been around for a really long time. A lot of people have told its history, but let me tell you what really happened. I'm sure that you know that water is just recycled over and over again. We call that the "hydrologic cycle". Because of that I have been in and out of the Cuyahoga River for years and years. I guess you could say that the Cuyahoga and I are old friends.

Well, back to the true story of the Cuyahoga.About 20,000 years ago glaciers, large masses of ice that move across the land, carved out a new valley and that new valley is where the Cuyahoga River formed.

Then around 12,000 years ago, some Native Americans settled along the Cuyahoga. The Native Americans were the first people to live near and use this river. As a matter of fact,

American Indians gave it a name! "Cuyahoga" is a Haudenosaunee or Iroquois word which means Crooked River. That's because, of course, the Cuyahoga River actually forms a "U" shape.

There were several Native American tribes that used this river until the 1600's when the first European settlers arrived here. They set up trading posts along the river. One very important trading post was located on Tinker's Creek.

This is the time when this river actually started to become commercialized that is, it was used for making money. Not long after that, military posts were set up and then along came a war; the Revolutionary War.












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