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Dear Teachers:

Welcome to "The Return of the Cuyahoga River” website. In this section of the site, you will have access to lesson plans, standards, additional websites, ideas, and information regarding the Cuyahoga River.

There are lessons for each area of the site: History, Environment, and Water Monitoring. The State of Ohio Standards were used as the basis for the lessons. While many of the lessons are strictly science based, there are lessons that will include language arts and social studies activities.

Students will be creating a timeline for the history of the Cuyahoga River. They will also be using the website and an interactive map to complete a matrix to show the populations surrounding the river and the effect these populations have on the river. Using a game, “Lord of the River”, students will begin to understand the impact the humans have had on the health of the Cuyahoga. Students will create species cards to use as a field guide when they go on site for Water Monitoring. Water Monitoring will be explained and then conducted.

Lastly, students will get a chance to put action to their education by completing a community action plan to help their community become environmentally aware.


As you begin to explore the many sources for this website, you will discover many new ideas that can be woven into the project. We encourage you to do so. You are not ‘required’ to do any of the other activities to post your water monitoring data on the site. The background knowledge these activities provide is the context that students need to gain understanding of the importance of water monitoring.

The environment can be the hook your students need to get them interested in science. We hope this website gives you the courage to take your interest in the environment and share it with your students. Have fun!











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