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CONCEPT(S): Air has mass.

VIDEO SEGMENTS (click the links below to view):

LESSON PLAN: Lesson plan (PDF)


Lab Report Outline (PDF)

Investigation Sheet (PDF)

T-Chart - Observations/Inferences (PDF)

T-Chart - Variables (PDF)

The American Chemical Society’s Lab Safety Guide (PDF)

Calculating with Pressure (PDF)

USA Today- Understanding air density and its effects

NASA Glenn Research Center- Density and Lift Activity

Top Science.org- Create the perfect balance.

Great videos. I constantly have buffering issues with these videos. Is there a fix?

Renee 1:09 PM 8/5/09

Dear Renee,

You may want to check your connection speed- a faster speed (measured in mbps, or megabits per second) will decrease buffering time. Ask your IT staff or visit http://www.check-speed.com to check your connection speed yourself. Time of day and congestion amount or high traffic will also be a factor. Try to play the videos when internet traffic is low. You may have to do a bit of experimentation.
PSI 4:25 PM 2/17/11

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