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CONCEPT(S): Air has mass and volume. Effect of pressure on the inside and outside of a closed system.

VIDEO SEGMENTS (click the links below to view):

LESSON PLAN: Lesson plan (PDF)


Lab Report Outline (PDF)

Investigation Sheet (PDF)

T-Chart - Observations/Inferences (PDF)

T-Chart - Variables (PDF)

The American Chemical Society’s Lab Safety Guide (PDF)

Calculating with Pressure (PDF)

Steve Spangler.com- “Balloon in a Bottle”

Dragonfly Science Television- How do hovercrafts use air pressure?”

Science Net Links- “Temperature Changes Everything” Lesson Plan


I have been using your awesome video experiments with my middle school students as they study their unit on air pressure. Unfortunately, I have noticed that the video segments are down and not accessible. When will they be going back on line? Thanks for supporting education. Your site has been so valuable to my urban school students.
Charlene B. Dwyer 6:58 AM 9/26/11

Thank you very much, Ms. Dwyer for sharing with us. We are happy to let you know that the videos should be up and running and available for you to use in your classroom. Please let us know if you experience additional problems and we will do our best to assist you.
PSI 10:53 AM 9/26/11

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