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CONCEPT(S): Inertia and the laws of motion for matter.

VIDEO SEGMENTS (click the links below to view):

LESSON PLAN: Lesson plan (PDF)


Lab Report Outline (PDF)

Investigation Sheet (PDF)

T-Chart - Observations/Inferences (PDF)

T-Chart - Variables (PDF)
The American Chemical Society’s Lab Safety Guide (PDF)

wikiHow- Pull-a-Tablecloth-from-Under-a-Place-Setting

Naturally Newton- more suggestions for inertia and friction investigations

The Physics Classroom Tutorial - Newton’s Laws of Motion

NSTA- Objects in Motion Activities

Practical Physics Student Activity- Inertia and Newton’s First Law

The Science Reflector- Inertia Experiments and Demonstrations (PDF)

Experiments with Friction Lesson Plan: Measuring the Coefficient of Friction Using a Scale

Your videos are wonderful. I do not have the ability to hook up to a computuer that the district provides because they have working issues, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I would like to save the videos to an external hard drive and then using my laptop show the videos to my science classes. How do I save your videos to my external hard drive? I didn't see any way to save. Thanks for your help.
Margo Johnson
Margo Johnson 9:05 PM 10/14/09

Dear Margo,
It seems like you are not the only one to have this problem. We hope to eventually have these videos available as mpg4 "downloadable" files on this website. In the meantime, you can download these from the iTunesU-Ohio section of the iTunes store.
PSI 4:09 PM 2/17/11

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