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EXPERIMENT TITLE: A Momentous Occasion

CONCEPT(S): Newton's Second Law of Motion- Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration (F=MA)

VIDEO SEGMENTS (click the links below to view):

LESSON PLAN: Lesson plan (PDF)


Lab Report Outline (PDF)

Investigation Sheet (PDF)

T-Chart - Observations/Inferences (PDF)

T-Chart - Variables (PDF)

The American Chemical Society’s Lab Safety Guide (PDF)

CM test track (PDF)

The Physics Classroom Tutorial- Newton’s Second Law of Motion

Illinois Institute of Technology-Middle School Mechanics Lessons

Ohio Resource Center- Middle school physical science lessons

Where can you get the wooden slope and the magnetic ball bearings?
Tessa Thompson 10:10 PM 9/4/10

I am a homeschool mom that teaches a Physcial science class at a homeschool co-op. I really enjoy the science video lessons and would love to use them in my physical science class. However, the building we use to hold the co-op classes does not have internet access. Is there a way to view the video's without streaming it from the internet website? Thanks for any help. ~Susan
Susan Lopez 12:42 PM 2/15/11

Dear Susan,
It seems like you are not the only one to have this problem. We hope to eventually have these videos available as mpg4 "downloadable" files on this website. In the meantime, you can download these from the iTunesU-Ohio section of the iTunes store.
PSI 5:00 PM 2/17/11

Dear Tessa,
The piece of equipment is called a Magnetic Accelerator, and one source is Arbor Scientific:
It is a great way, with a very discrepant event, that shows non-contact forces and their strength.
PSI 8:01 AM 2/18/11

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