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EXPERIMENT TITLE: Music of the Spheres

CONCEPT(S): Transfer of energy. Effects of adding kinetic energy (heat or motion) on a material’s properties.

VIDEO SEGMENTS (click the links below to view):

LESSON PLAN: Lesson plan (PDF)


Lab Report Outline (PDF)

Investigation Sheet (PDF)

T-Chart - Observations/Inferences (PDF)

T-Chart - Variables (PDF)

The American Chemical Society’s Lab Safety Guide (PDF)

City of Materials

NOVA: Secrets of the Samurai Sword deals beautifully with how medieval Japanese metal smiths determined the chemistry of metals long before atomic theory and crystalline structure were understood.

Michigan Tech University- virtual experiments in materials science

Teachers can also increase their own practice and understanding of materials by attending ASM International’s “Materials Camp”.

Flinn Scientific has a very useful Middle School Safety Contract (PDF) to review before conducting other experiments.


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